Chikuwa・Kamaboko・Tempura・Hanpen・Professional manufacturer of frozen food production line machine|Yamasaki koki CO., LTD.

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        Aquatic products which is stirring aquatic products. It was a great traditional food since Japan's Heian period. Our company has Leap forward development, with the machine automation and the frozen Surimi development since our company was founded in 1946.

        Our company which is a few manufacturers extended the Japanese invention to the world. Especially technical production machines in Chikuwa, Tempura, Kamaboko aspect.

        In the future, we will make our contribution and continue to strive for the development of traditional Japanese foods.


  •   28 December 2015
          We are applying the patent of " the Chikuwa three layers
          forming machine".
  •   19 March 2015
          Opened the Traditional Chinese website.
  •   29 November 2014
          Opened the English website.
  •   2 October 2014
          Opened the Simplified Chinese website.
  •   7 November 2013
          Made a frying machine (Tube heating electrical system)
  •   24 September 2013
          Opened the company's Web site.